Searching reference in the "Add/Edit citation" with Word, no-English character wouldn't work

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Searching reference in the "Add/Edit citation" with Word, nonEnglish character wouldn't work unless delete the last character.

Please see:!AkYaWBjatjEIgbosqLceb-0BX08htw?e=Xs90yQ
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    I assume that has to do with the input method you're using. Can you try with a different input method? I would guess that even cutting and pasting the last character probably works?
  • Cutting and pasting works. The input method I used is the default Chinese input method on Windows 11. Users always use the default input method in Windows 11.

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    Can you share the exact steps to reproduce this? I.e., saving this specific item to the library (or copy/paste this particular string into a Title field), trigger Add/Edit Citation, type these specific keys on the keyboard with the Chinese input method…
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    1. Save a Chinese reference to the library,
    2. In MS Word, trigger Add/Edit Citation,
    3. Input the Chinese characters by default input method on Window 11,
    4. There is non reference,
    5. Delete the last character and the reference shows

    I hope I have expressed the detailed steps.
  • No, I get that — I watched the video. I'm asking for the exact steps I can take to reproduce it. Literally what item do I need to save to my library and what keys do I need to press on the keyboard to reproduce the problem.
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    Add this article:!AkYaWBjatjEIgbotlgnfFxmUDf8T9A?e=ul1b4Z
    And type "tongweisu" by Chinese pinyin input method on Windows 11 will show "同位素" in the Add/Edit Citation box and you won't see this article but if you then delete the last character "素", the reference will show.
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