Enhancement for iOS: Auto-focus on the tag search field when searching tags

If would be a nice quality of life improvement if the search field would be automatically in focus when opening the tag search menu. This way, it wouldn’t be necessary to click into the search field every time, or most of the time.
  • No, we wouldn't do that. Unless you're using an external keyboard, text fields on iOS bring up the on-screen keyboard, which blocks half the screen, so it doesn't make sense for something where people may very well just want to scroll to an existing tag and tap on it.

    What we may do is make the search bar permanent without a Cancel button, as it is in the new tag selector in the bottom left, which will address the issue in your other thread and provide a larger tap target.
  • (We could consider doing this if an external keyboard is attached, though.)
  • I see how this behavior is not desirable without an external keyboard, which I forgot to mention that I am using. But like you suggest, it would be great to have this behavior when using an external keyboard.

    Also, looking forward to the updated tag selector! Thanks for the responsiveness. I am using the beta version, btw.
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