Autodownloading file by DOI number will make .pdf.pdf


Import a reference by DOI nubmer, such as, and the Zotero will rename the file to "gupta2011.pdf.pdf", which has two ".pdf".

  • That doesn't look like Zotero renaming at all, regardless of the doubled .pdf -- you're sure you're not using ZotFile setting for rename?
    I'm also not seeing Zotero trying to get that PDF automatically when adding the DOI -- could you say exactly what you're doing?
  • Looks potentially like a PDF downloaded from Sci-Hub and not renamed by Zotero?
  • yup -- seems to happen with the Sci-hub add-on, not sure why (the file naming looks OK on Sci-hub), but not a Zotero issue in any case
  • Yes. It was caused by Sci-Hub and not by Zotero. Thanks.
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