Recovering attached files from WebDav

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Hi, I sync my citations to Zotero, but have most of my attachments in box webdav. As has been reported, Box is no longer supporting webdav. I failed to export my attachment library before box dav died. Is there anyway to recover my attachments from I have access to the files and can download them, but have know idea how to import zip and .prop files used in box to zotero. Thanks.
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    You can move the 'zotero' folder on the WebDAV server to another server and point Zotero at that.
  • I considered that. I was wondering if there was a way, without setting up another webdav, to move those files to my personal computer and have them be accessible through zotero.
  • No, sorry.
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    I mean, are you saying you use “as needed” for the file-sync mode? Because Zotero downloads all files by default, so you’d already have them unless you changed that. You’d also have them if you added them in this computer. And if you added them on another computer, you could just sync via Zotero Storage or copy the 'storage' subfolders from the other computer and use a program that merged folder contents.
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    Home computer, wedav by default sync everything. Got a new job with a new work computer. Set that up to download as needed. I didn't want to download all my personal attachments (several thousand) to my work computer, only the research articles I needed for current projects. That worked great for the first month of my job, and then Box WebDAV died. But now that you say that, most of them should be on my home computer. I use that computer so infrequently now, I didn't even considered that. Can I transfer those files to my work computer without losing new papers already on that computer?
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