Zotero storage or other cloud service?

Hey guys! I'd like to ask how you consider Zotero's cloud service. I'm used to saving files with OneDrive, but Zotero explicitly states that the library folder should not be placed in any cloud storage server (other than their own) as the files may be compromised. Cloud storage is a great feature, reducing the frequency of my manual backups. Zotero's situation makes me either purchase their cloud service (which would mean an additional overlapping expense) or use it only as a directory, storing the attached files separately in OneDrive (which would be troublesome if the file locations change). I'm wondering how you have resolved this issue.
  • I signed up for Zotero storage, and it works perfectly. I think it's fair to support software I use daily and have peace of mind that everything is backed up correctly and synced on my different devices.
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