Citation Index Area Error

Whenever I open up a Word document that has Zotero references cited, I get an error message saying "Citation/Bibliography is wrongly placed in the index area, please delete the placed citation/bibliography in index area".

1) What does this mean?
2) How do I correct this?

Thanks :)
  • That's a message from Mendeley, not Zotero. (Our error messages tend to be grammatical.)
  • Does your answer mean it does not matter?

    But how do I stop getting this message every time I open the document?
  • It means the message has nothing to do with us, and you should either ask Mendeley or uninstall the Mendeley Word plugin.
  • As dstillman says, once I uninstalled Mendeley plugin the error message stops displaying. Only error messages from Zotero are grammatical.
  • Thank you. I will remove Mendeley in due course. I am keeping it for a while while I have current work I have not transitioned.

    I am finding Zotero much better in several ways and much more pleasant UI.
  • I don't have Mendeley and keep having the same issue.
    I tried deleting the citation and making a new document, the error is still there. And when I simply delete the citation indicated as wrongly placed (it highlights it when I open the document), when I open it again, the error goes to the next citation.
    Do somebody would have any advice ?
    Thank you
  • @crmonica: Again, the error quoted above is from the Mendeley plugin. It has literally nothing to do with Zotero.
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