Available for beta testing: Note templates for PDF annotations

  • Great stuff. I'm enjoying learning about the new capabilities.
    It would be amazing to have these as variables: {{group_key}}, {{item_key}} (parent), {{file_key}}, and {{annotation_key}}.
    Just want to second the request for this. Also item tags would be nice and (to repeat) the ability to replace the note title ("Annotations") with the item title.

    TBH, I am totally thinking about replacing much of the functionality of mdnotes, which would require more access to item metadata. It seems like the functionality is already partway there, so why not go all the way?

    Another desideratum is the removal of the punctuation from things like citations, which, for example, seem to be put within parentheses. Let me handle how I want that to look.

    Finally could the note export end with a newline?
  • Newbie question -

    I use the blue highlight colour to select Headings and the yellow highlight colour to select Main Text.

    When I select “Add note from Annotations” is there a way to code a template that Makes all blue highlights at /h3?

    I know how to drive mark down. But don’t understand how to change mark down engine. Any hot tips appreciated.
  • Second on those extra variables in order to auto-generate link to open PDF file.
    ([Open pdf](zotero://open-pdf/groups/123/items/EWFESBBB?page=15&annotation=CCC))

  • It would be amazing to have these as variables: {{group_key}}, {{item_key}} (parent), {{file_key}}, and {{annotation_key}}.

    We're not planning to add internal things like that as variables. This is an enhanced rich-text editor, and we think the appropriate place for internal keys is in the internal metadata. The built-in Markdown export will include them in the links it creates, and a plugin like zotero-mdnotes could use them to support additional workflows.
    @dstillman Could you explain what the above means, i.e. what has to be done so that I can drag and drop an annotation into a markdown editor so that it includes the item_key (or the citekey, for that matter)?

    Is there any way I can customize the metadata included in {{citation}} (and how it is rendered?

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