iOS beta 1.0.12 build 7 slowdown on loading large collections

There seems to be a slowdown on selection large collections in beta 1.0.12 build 7. When a select small collections, the items show up in the list fairly rapidly. But then when loading a larger collection, like my 20k "All Items", there is a 7-8 second pause now.

The release notes said something about a tag selector. Maybe calculating the tags is the slowdown? The slowdown persists even when the tag window is minimized.
  • We'll take a look — thanks. Almost certainly because of the tag selector.
  • pre-tag-selector, moving between collections was very zippy on my m1 ipad pro and even quite a bit faster than desktop Zotero on my 16'' mbp, so you guys have been doing a great job on the iOS app :-)
  • recent beta with the tag selector disabled has restored the zippy performance. switching between my 20k item "All items" and other collection is near instantaneous now.
  • Yeah, but now I really miss the tag selector on iOS again. Hopefully it will be back soon!
  • We're working to improve performance and hope to have another beta out with it soon.
  • @jeremyvancleve: Can you try the latest beta for iOS and let us know how performance is in your library?
  • Performance is good. Switching between collections in my library is fast.

    There is a little hiccup with the tag selector and the "Search items" function. If the tag selector is minimized, entering text into "Search items" opens the tag selector to its fullest height and it cannot be minimized until I select another collection. If the tag selector is open, but not to its fullest height, entering text into "Search items" still opens the tag selector fully and it does not return to its previously set height until I select another collection.
  • @jeremyvancleve please check the latest beta for iOS, the behavior should be changed now. Let us know if this works better for you.
  • @michalrentka I tested the latest version, having also experienced the search behavior that @jeremyvancleve mentioned. The issue with the full expansion of the tag selector is fixed for me now, so the height is more appropriate. But I did also experience a new issue where the tag selector was fully covered by the keyboard. This was after deleting my search text and typing something else. However, it only happened once and I couldn’t reproduce it.
  • @michalrentka yes the height issue is fixed!
  • Thanks for the report @ingmar93, I'll try to reproduce and fix.
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