[Feature Request] Add Info field listing all Collections where the item exists within the Library.

Although holding down the Ctrl button with an Item selected will show you where an item is located within the Library (very helpful, thank you!), it can be clunky when you are looking at a large list of items or in a large Library.

Is it possible to add a field to the Info tab (or its own tab) that would automatically show all of the locations of the item in the Library? That would make it easier to scroll through and visually scan for a location of interest.

Ideally, the list would use clickable links to each location, so you could quickly jump to the item in a specific spot in the Library without having to scroll through a large Library to find the (sub)collection.

In a perfect world, would having a field like this also make it possible to search within collection names to find a collection?

Thanks for considering it.
  • Yes. I Agree! Don't know under the hood, if this would be too much of a hassle, even for an add-on to show the collections an item belongs.

    As for collection names, I currently use a work around: create a note under said collection with the following info: Collection TAG: ColletionName(or the hierarchy info).
    Maybe put a tag to this note, so after you've added all notes, you can see the all the collection-notes(without hierarchy)
    In this way you can kind of search through collections. But it is a lot of unnecessary work.
  • I was just considering a tagging solution myself when I just found out (again) that the control button helps.
    Still, I'd also like e.g. a field which shows collection name for current item.
  • I have a large number of collections and over 2,000 items. So, it's hard to locate things even using the control key (though even that doesn't seem to be working at the moment). I think an alternative means like ssmithtr mentioned would be helpful.
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