Linking problem zotero/zutilo - Mac

following some old forum thread here, I'm trying to use zotero and it's add-on zutilo to link a paper to a page on my one-note on Mac, and I'm not managing to do it.

I'm trying with a specific paper pdf, using "zutilo -> copy zotero URIs" I get:
This, of course, redirect me to internet, and not to my computer-stored library, so it doesn't work.

I tried changing the adress to:


which is better, opening my zotero app but not reaching for the desired file. It also make the app stop working, forcing it to be displayed in front of other windows and not responding anymore.

What is the correct URL to use to make this kind of linking work ?

Thank you for you help
  • I have the same problem, it should be a trivial solution, but I can't solve it.
  • Use "Copy select item links." Should have the form zotero://select/library/items/2JATUZXV.
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