Using Zotero for footnotes but footnote text is not from library?

Just wondering if it's possible to use Zotero for Word footnotes in manner that the footnote text does note reference anything from the library.

Instead the footnote only serves as a note (for example manually types) to provide more clarity.

Or am I just better off using the built in Footnote reference function in Word?

My issue with the native Word footnote function is that the footnote style is quite limited in format. For instance our convention uses bold superscript in square brackets e.g. [1].

Could Zotero do that?

Also I would like to re-use the same footnote across 2 pages. Is that possible?
  • No, sorry. Zotero footnote styles just use Word footnotes (and then insert citations into them) so there's not actually such a thing as a "Zotero footnote".

    There are numeric citation styles, which use numbers (in any sort of format, including with square brackets etc.) in text and then a bibliography at the end of the text but a) that's obviously not footnotes and b) you can't use those for non-citation items, no.
  • No problem, just worth an ask.

    Btw...revisited my Zotero after about 2 years (after college days)...and I must say I am blown by the new updates and features. You've made an amazing job guys.
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