Copy attributes of an item to many other items... easily

edited March 27, 2023
I have added several book chapters C1, C2, ... from Zotero connector.
The book editors were not caught, so I entered them by hand for one of the items (a chapter), e.g., C1.
Now I mean to copy-paste all 4 editors from that item C1 to all the rest C2, ....
Is there an easy way to do this for all items at once?

Plus, I created by hand a \book{mybook, ...} item B for the book itself (Note: I have never seen Zotero connector creating an item for the book, when the chapters are listed).
I mean to:
1. Refer to this item B in each of the items C1, ... (I used to do this via crossref={mybook}), and
2. Add the chapter number (in 2013 this was not possible).
How should I do that in zotero?
Is there an easy way to do this for all items at once (possibly not the chapter no.)?
  • You can use Zutilo to copy authors specifically and (a bit more conceptually complicated) fields in general between items.

    I'm not sure I understand the second part of the question, though I suspect it's just not possible. Chapters are just treated as individual items in Zotero and can't be linked to their containing book (beyond, obviously, just including the relevant information in each chapter's metadata).
  • I have edited the question.
    BibTeX allows for "linking" a chapter to the containing book, in order to enter the book info only once.
    I thought Zotero might have a way to do that, and produce the required field upon Export Item...

    Perhaps in Extra?
  • edited March 27, 2023
    Nope. You need to complete the full item metadata for each item you want to cite. (Though note you can now do "Create Book Section" on right click to duplicate all relevant info and move the title to book title).
    Nothing new on chapter numbers -- I'm also just not seeing those in citations, so unclear what the use case is.
  • And what about the chapter number? Still not possible?
  • see edit above
  • edited April 5, 2023
    AFAIK, whenever a book chapter is cited, one typically adds the chapter number in the citation.
  • Not for chapters in edited volumes, at least not in any major citation style (Chicago, Vancouver/NLM, APA, MLA), nor in any other style I'm aware of.
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