Search for folder name (collection or sub-collection) in Zotero

How Can I Search for folder name (collection or sub-collection) in Zotero?
  • There's currently no dedicated collection search, but you can click in the collections pane, press + on the keyboard to expand all rows, and then just type on the keyboard to select a matching collection.
  • Thanks "dstillman",
    However, by "pressing + on the keyboard to expand all rows," it is possible to use only the first letter of the name to search for a folder. However, this is not quite practical when several folders have the same first letter.
  • No, that's not correct. You can type multiple letters.
  • How to do it?
    Thanks for indication
  • You need to type fairly quickly.
  • I'd like to add my appeal for a more sophisticated way to search on collection titles. I tried using the + to expand the collections in Advanced Search and type by the first letters of the title. Unfortunately, though, a large number of my collections begin with a numeric code that contains a - sign, which collapses the folders back before I can find the one I want. Thank you for anything you can do to expedite that.
  • Is there still no dedicated search for folders/collection?
  • @chriskiss: There's a collection search in the Zotero 7 beta.
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