The Accounting Review: style update request

I am looking for help with updating a citation style. Specifically, The Accounting Review style is a little out of date with the most recent style guide provided on the website (style guide link: If you go to the style guide and navigate to the Citations section I have numbered which points need updating.

1 -- Citations #1: The first time a citation is referenced, where up to 5 authors are cited, all authors should be listed.

2 -- Citations #4: When a work is cited a second time, where 3 or more authors are on one citation, the citation should include the first author's name then "et al."

3 -- Citations #7: When two authors of the same work share a surname, their first initial should be included in the first citation.

4 -- Reference List Examples: In the bibliography, when the same author team publishes more than one referenced work, the author's names should be listed out each time, rather than subsequently using "---". This is supported by the examples shown in the style guide (see "Baiman, S., and M. Rajan. 2002a." and "Baiman, S., and M. Rajan. 2002b."). I know this issue has come up on the forum in the past so I went and found two recent examples in print. Please see Arnold, M. C., R. L. Hannan, I. D. and Tafkov. 2018. Team member subjective communication in homogeneous and heterogeneous teams. The Accounting Review, 93(5), 1-22. In the reference section of this paper there are two examples where the same author team published twice and their names are spelled out both times. Please see "Farrell, J. 1987." and "Farrell, J. 1993." as well as "Rajan, M. V., and S. Reichelstein. 2006." and "Rajan, M. V., and S. Reichelstein. 2009." Additionally, see Amberger, H. J., K. S. Markle, and D. M. Samuel. 2021. Repatriation taxes, internal agency conflicts, and subsidiary-level investment efficiency. The Accounting Review, 96(4), 1-25. In the reference section of this paper there is one example where the same author published three times and their name is spelled out all three times. Please see "Stein, J. C. 1997.", "Stein, J.C. 2002.", and "Stein, J.C. 2003."

Thank you so much in advance for your help!!!
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