short cut for insertion get sth wrong

Win11, short cut for insertion is default ctrl+shift+a
I changed one of the output style, saved it, input into zotero and it reported 'may not a right cls', though the preview of this style was exactly normal.
Then I selected this style, ctrl+shift+a, and get wrong insertion which was the same before change, while preview was still normal

Besides, many bug occured during my operation

- close and re-open the Zotero, then the changes of style recovered to original forms
- Default 'cell' style is the newest one, while this style in respiratory is an old one. After I input it from respiratory, it got fixed to the old one and could not be up-dated
- style manager could only edit a few types of style?
  • short cut error ID D256813656
  • I'm not totally sure what you mean here, but Quick Copy will work with a valid CSL style. There are lots of errors in your error report about an invalid style.
  • so what should I do to get a correct CSL style

    1. when I input a new style, how could I make direct change to it? It seems the style manager in zotero only support the direct change of several basic styles

    2. the code page is totally a mess for me. Where could I learn how to change it. I have tried to use the to visualize the changing process and copy the code to zotero style management. but perhaps due to the same head informations, it will cover the original one.

    3. Neither valid nor illegal change could not be saved. when I close the Zotero and reopen, it will recover to the form in style repository. It that normal or some bug occured?

    4. The 'cell' style in is updated in 2023, but the version in style repository is updated in 2022 !!! when I downloaded the zotero, the default Cell style was the newest one. but due to point 2, I covered the correct one and just input it from repository. Then it got fixed ! it won't be recovered to the default one (did not follow point 3), but also could not updated and be changed (follow point 3 and recover to the old one again and again)
    should I uninstall zotero and download again?

  • I have tried agian, parsting the newest 'Cell' style to cover the old one. It works and could be saved.
    so the point3 and point4 may be not a problem now.
  • similarly, I changed the chicago 17th author-data by and parst the result to cover the original one. It successed to input with no invalid notice. but the short cut still could not work as my expection
    I have changed the insertion from (author date) to (author, journal, date). The preview page is correct, but ctrl+shift+A still resulted in the (author date) form
  • Look at this guide and make sure to change ID, self link and title. Otherwise the system doesn't know it's a new style.
  • Thank you for your advise. it helps to overcome the point 2. Original styles won't be covered now. But I still fail to use short cut to get a correct insertion. The preview page is correct, but ctrl+shift+A still resulted in the (author date) form.
    No invalid notice occurs during the change of style forms
  • plus, beside the change of title and ID. two lines of link href right after the ID were deleted
  • You need to set the quick copy style in the "Export" tab of the Zotero preferences
  • Thank you!!! I haven't notice that. I just thought in the reference tab, select a style, click OK and the style will be the selected one. Thank you, the point 1 is solved!
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