Zotero "Document Preferences" to reformat references in a manuscript

I used Zotero "Document Preferences" to reformat the references in a manuscript. The references were originally in AMA format, and I switched to MDPI format (recommended by the new journal). The MDPI format, however, does not match up to the format found in a recently published article in the new journal. Namely, the in-text citations in my manuscript appear outside of the period at the end of the sentence (the journal article has the in-text citations before the period). I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to adjust the citation using Zotero, rather than a manual fix. Thanks
  • The position of the citation vis-a-vis punctuation isn't part of the citation style. You'll need to fix that manually or figure out a clever search & replace in Word.
  • Thank you, that's good to know!
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