Style Request: NTC 5613

Hi everyone

If anybody can help me with this i really apreciate it.
NTC 5613 is managed by ICONTEC (Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification) (

This standard is specified in Spanish.
you can find the document in the following link:

i was trying to build my own citation for this but i dont have enough time to do it so if anyone can help it is welcome
  • Does anyone can help ? or at least leave a comment if you need aditional information about this, please
  • see here:
    but beware there is a backlog right now with style creation.
  • Well attending to your suggestion we can have in mind the following things:

    1- the most similar style available in the zotero repository is the Chicago Manual of style (Full note with bibliography)
    2- the most important difference between this style and the Chicago are the last names of the authors. they have to be capitalize
    3- After the name of a serial publication "." and a space " "
    4- month adding a "," then a space " " and then the year of the publication followed by "." and space " "
    5- continues with vol (volume) followed by "." and " " with the respective value followed by a "," adding issue if applicable, then ending with P (pages) followed by a "." with the respective value
    6- the authors are abreviated to et al. when they are 3 o more

    the rest of the specifications are detailed through the link i posted previously
  • Thanks in advanced for your eventual contirbution
  • As (1) isn't currently possible, but will be in Zotero 2.1, I'll wait until that is out of beta (or at least until I'm ready to install it...).
  • OK, that's fair for me i'll wait, and thanks for the answer all i want is that zotero can be of great help for the people here in Colombia with respect to these rules of bibliographic citations. Eventually i would like to have more time to create styles for specific journals here so until then i'll be looking forward about the evolution of zotero and the availability of more functions in the language to allow this and other things
  • Hola Kiang; Me gustaría saber si a estas alturas, encontraste el estilo de citación ICONTEC; me sería de gran ayuda.
  • edited February 22, 2016
    Hola me gustarìa saber si existe el estilo de citación NTC 5613 para Zotero.
  • Hi there, someone can find this stile of citation? Is so important @Zotero @ZoteroHelp
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