Is it possible to bulk load 800 references from a .csv file or mysql archive?

I have been using a system that I coded myself some 15 years ago using php and mysql for an annotated bibliography of articles in my own field, "extensive reading". I now need to move the data to something that would be easier for others to add to and maintain.

Naturally, I would start by placing the data in fields that match the ones required by Zotero, but then what? Any help you can give would be appreciated!!
  • RIS is probably the easiest format to generate from your database. After that, you can just import it from Zotero's File menu into a group library.
  • That sounds relatively simple. I've got over 800 citations, so it will take a bit of preparation, but quite doable.

    Thank you very much!
  • From a database the number of entries shouldn't really matter much once you have a field mapping.
  • If enough of your records have DOIs you could export those in a list and use the Zotero magic wand to bring the records into Zotero. Then, for the rest, do what @emilianoeheyns says.
  • Thank you. The recent ones do have DOIs.
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