[iPad] Changes to Author field not respected upon save

When I make changes by switching to single field, I press save (twice) and when I come back I realize the changes I've made are not honoured.

  • I'm not seeing this. Can you provide exact Steps to Reproduce, starting with a new, empty item?
  • Hello there,

    I batch imported thousands of items on PC, only to find later that my PDF's with Hungarian authors (some 80 percent of all items) came to be renamed to John, Peter etc. because of how Hungarian (like Japanese, Chinese, etc.) put the surname in front.
    A batch method on PC (involving some javascript if that works at all) would be required to either change all fields to single field on items that have a parent item. I don't dream about renaming the actual PDF's belonging to those, as it stands and nor do I think a switch of first and last names are possible at this point. So I'd be okay to have the full name version on parent items and leave the PDF's as they are (when I get around to reading them, I'll deal with them individually).

    But sometimes when I'm on the pad and happen on an ugly instance, I feel tempted to rectify the error, only to realize the changes I make on the pad don't stick. The PC app works fine.

    So I am afraid reproducing with empty items don't help my case, alas. If it's just me (and my pad), then I'll resign myself to it for the time being.

  • Right, but you could still test if this occurs starting with an empty item. If it does, you have steps to reproduce. If it doesn't you can start complicating the conditions needed to reproduce -- that's how errors get found & fixed.
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