About security standard

Dear everyone,

Do you know if Zotero has a security standard such as ISO/ IEC27001?
Should I contact the Corporation for Digital Scholarship (“CDS”) to find out?

The reason I ask this is because there is a security check to use Zotero in my company.

  • You can find the information we make available about security and privacy on these pages:

  • Thanks dstillman,

    I could understand security and privacy policy from links.

    I would like to make sure that CDS (or Zotero PJ) was not certified to any official security standard (such as ISO27001). Is my understanding correct?
  • I have a similar question -- one of our staff in a government agency would like to install the software on a government-issued laptop, which they don't have the permission level to do themselves. I'm inclined to recommend ZoteroBib, which doesn't require installation.

    The security document linked in dstillman's response above does not provide much useful information, and my reading of it is that Aya Suzuki's interpretation is correct -- the software doesn't appear to have any formal security certification and there's no formal secure-coding process or code-scanning process in place either.
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