The colour of highlights fades!

I am using Zotero from last five years. Whatever I had highlighted in different documents in last three years have a faded colour of highlights. While highlighting the sentences, the colour used to be strong, but after some days, it used to fade or pale. It is very irritating because I have to highlight all the pdfs again and again. Someone please suggest a solution.
  • Zotero didn't have a built-in PDF reader before Zotero 6, which came out a year ago, so I'd guess that you're referring to colors created in some other PDF reader.
  • Even the recent highlights fad up. I highlight something use my iPad, but when I check in my MacBook, the color of highlight is faded. And if something is highlighted using some other pdfreader, that also gets faded.
  • It sounds like there is a difference in your screens or color settings between the devices.
  • @arunkumarbairwa: You're referring to the Zotero iPad app?

    Can you take a couple screenshots that show the difference, upload them somewhere (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), and provide a link here?
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