Why can't I drag items to change their position and order?

It seems I cannot drag items to change their position and order in a certain collection. And it is causing much inconvenience. Is there any solution? Thanks!

  • Items in the center pane can be sorted by various properties, such as their title, creators, or the date they were added to your library.
  • Thank you for your kind reply. But I think it'd be more conveninent if we can drag and rearrange items just like bookmarks in a web browser. It surprised me that we cannot do that with Zotero.
  • I agree that it would be good if we could drag items to re-order them. Would this be a major re-write problem?

    It would, for instance, be nice to have the separate reports on excavations at Richborough (published 1926, 1928, 1930, 1949) together. At the moment I Relate them but it would be better to see them all at a glance.

    Currently I can only re-order by a global choice. I might not want other items on the same site (say) together.

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