iOS Feature Request

I am in love with the iOS app and am SO happy it's finally here!

A couple suggestions:
1) In the same way that a long-click on the scribble icon lets you choose the drawing/pencil weight, consider including the color in the drop-down for this and the highlighter as well, and make them "sticky" - for example, I might want to always highlight in yellow but write in black or blue. If I could set that once and have it remember my selections it would be much easier to switch back and forth.
2) Consider support for an eraser for notes that would work with the Apple Pencil eraser function (double-tap).

Thank you, the app is really impressive and VERY helpful.
  • Also, the ability to filter based on type of annotation would be helpful, also. If not in the text itself, at least in the sidebar. So, for example, you could view only highlights, or only written annotations, perhaps also filter based on color.
  • I think the iOS app is pretty cool, but is it me or… we can’t write in black on the PDF reader ??
  • @dannycbaker: We added an eraser tool a while back, and we've now added support for double-tapping Apple Pencil 2 to switch to it. Each tool also now has its own color setting.
  • Fantastic news! Thank you!
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