feature request: iOS pen friendly width adjustment

edited October 25, 2022
I'm using Zotero on my iPad, it works great!

Here is the workflow:
1. draw with Apple Pencil.
2. adjust the width of the the line in the annotations window.

It would be appreciate if the workflow could be improved by:
- the width bar can not adjust accruately. Can I input a number rather than slide the width bar?
- Can I adjust the width of the pen before drawing (i.e. change the default width in setting)?

Thanks in advance!
  • I would like to second this! Making the input easier and especially being able to adjust the default width would be great.

    Love using the app overall!
  • I third this! Note taking ability right now is not precise--even at it's smallest width, my writing in the margins sometimes looks like balloon font.
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