[zotero f. Linux][CR] Find in Document form

edited February 20, 2023
This is change request for Linux-verion of zotero, current stable release.

Regarding interactive form of Find in Document function.

*) Current
**) Procedure
Open the form Find in Document
Start search of some string
Get first item of search results presented
Skip to next/previous findings item by click on "to right", "to left" virtual buttons in form.
**) Problem
Form shifts these two buttons right then left.
This way it is not possible to concentrate on examining context of finding item and iterate to every next finding result, document view, while one blindly clicks on the button.
Usability significantly decreased.
*) Change Requested
"to right", "to left" virtual buttons should get fixed position in form, even if for whole form it is legitimate to change its geometry finding by finding.

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