Split and archive the library?

edited December 12, 2022

My library is getting pretty big. Some stuff related to old work is pretty useless to me now, but it would be better to archive it just in case I need to go back to it.

So, I'd like to archive part of my library (Zotero data and files): put it on an external drive, but being able to re-import it back if need be. I can't find any intended way to do it (including profile and groups). Is this doable?

Note: I guess I could duplicate the whole storage folder (that, alone, defines the library content – data and files – if I'm not mistaking), then delete what I want to keep in one version and what I want to archive in the other. But I'm checking if there isn't a better, proper, way.
  • i export collections i want to archive (right click the collection) and then compress the resulting folder in a zip file to ensure the contents stay together. You can then delete the items from your library safely and reimport them when you need to later. It will work much better than manually deleting the folders because those specific folders are hard to find and it doesn't provide the collection list file you get with an export.

    it would be great to get official support though. Or some way to specify which collection you want to target when using the add citation dialogue
  • If you click the small triangle next to zhe "Z" in the insert citation window, you can trigger "classic view" and in classic view you can see your folder structure, which allows you easily find specific items you want to cite.
    You can also make this classic view default as citation dialog in the settings under "cite" then the "word processors" tab and you find a check box at the bottom of the list.
    This may also make the whole idea of archiving whole collections unneccessary.
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