Annotation features request in iOS app

edited March 21, 2022

Great work with the beta and the newly released stable versions.

As others have pointed out, a few key features for annotating is missing:

- More colors for highlighting/freehand etc. Especially darker, for note taking and more.

- Free hand pen styles: add option to have other pen types beyond a simple line, such as free hand highlighter.

- Easier way to choose stylus size, e.g. include a range of presets (XS S M L etc).

- Add an eraser for use with Apple Pencil etc.

- Add ability to change scope of highlight without erasing it, I.e., to modify which words are included etc.

- Add possibility for true full screen, i.e., to hide top tool bar completely.

That’s it for now, thanks!!
  • Agreed on the eraser!!! It’s vey necessary, thank you!
  • +1 for more colors for highlighter.
  • No black Color is a no go for me: makes it unusable
  • The new iOS app is so close! These pen issues are holding me back from switching. Most critical for me: the pen color can't be set independently of the highlighter color (!?). Eraser would be nice, but in the meantime, pen annotations get bounding boxes, which can be tapped and a context menu opened with an option to delete the annotation. Thanks devs!
  • I also would like more color options for annotation. I am missing orange, light and dark blue. More green would be nice too.

    ps. Merging notes doesn't work for me yet.

    pps. Thanks for releasing the iOS version!
  • I agree with @jonahpearl in that we need independent color selection for the highlighter and pen. It's burdensome to switch back and forth since the best color for highlighting (yellow) is clearly a bad color for pen. And vice versa.
  • +1 to separate the colours for the pen and highlighter!
  • +1 for fullscreen mode, hiding the top toolbar!
  • In the latest Zotero for iOS beta, we've added a full-screen mode that hides the top toolbar, with a separate annotation toolbar that can be shown in various positions. There's also now independent color selection per tool.
  • Version 1.0.10 of the app is out now with the changes I list above.
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