Certificate override on Windows computer

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  • I was struggling with this issue and solved it after seeing the instruction to "copy the cert9.db, key4.db, and pkcs11.txt files from the Firefox profile directory to the Zotero profile directory."
    However, Zotero knowledge base only suggests this for MacOS and Linux, and not for Windows. Since I'm using a Windows machine, I was totally ignoring this instruction and wasted a lot of time looking for other solutions.
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    The page notes that "in most cases" it will work on Windows, since it's able to use the system root certificate store. That should really only not work if 1) you accidentally disabled security.enterprise_roots.enabled in the Config Editor in the Advanced pane of the Zotero preferences or 2) your organization only uses Firefox and only configured the custom CA within Firefox itself, but that would be odd, because then various other things on the system presumably wouldn't work either. I wouldn't even expect this to be configured properly in Firefox unless it was set up years ago before Firefox started using the system root certificate store.

    (Note that the thread you posted to was all about Macs for this same reason.)
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