Feature suggestion: sort by tag (more columns)

I would love to be able to sort by tags.

This may not be useful to everyone, but I use numerical, color-coded tags to indicate my reading and note-taking/making progress for each new source added to Zotero:

3 - unread
2 - read, annotated (notes *taken*)
1 - read, annotated, written up (notes *made*)
0 - fundamental source

I color coded each tag so I can see those colors in the Zotero main window (like the first two references here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zotero#/media/File:Zotero-5-macOS-Screenshot@2x.png)

Unless I'm missing something, though, you can't sort sources alphanumerically by tag (as the secondary sort condition, for example).

If it's not difficult to do add, this would be a great feature for those of us who use this kind of alphanumeric system.

In other words, I'd love to search a term in a collection and then sort my sources by how much reading and writing I've done rather than, say, "Date Added," which is my current proxy.
  • I second this. I use a similar tagging organization where I've renamed 9 tags (the max color choices) into emoji based names so I can track which are New, Read but untagged, Ready for export to Obsidian, Exported to Obsidian.

    I found this post/feature suggestion because I was looking for a way to show only the New and Untagged categories to declutter my main view panel.

    I even tried an advanced search trying the match "any" with tag "contains" or "is" with the two different tags in two lines and that only seems to to an AND search, not and OR search, which I thought "match ANY" would do.

    Simply being able to sort with tags (at least the 9 color coded ones) would be a big improvement. Though improving the search capabilities to do something more akin to conventional AND OR type searches would also be a huge upgrade.
  • I would also use and enjoy this feature 8)
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