How to add text in PDF?

I have updated to the newest version, and I want to add text directly in the first page of PDF. But I found I only can add note instead of add text. Thus there is one more step to show what I note.

Do you have a plan to add the "add text" button?
  • The Zotero pdf reader doesn't actually modify the PDF, so "add text" would be an odd choice to include -- using annotations also makes more sense in how the reader integrates with Zotero. (If you much prefer an actual PDF editor, you can set Zotero to use another tool for opening PDFs in the General Tab of the preferences)
  • Thanks for your reply. Sorry about my statement. What I want is to add another annotation method rather than modifying PDF. Let me put another way, maybe show the text in note directly, instead of must click it to show that.
  • totally agree. With this function (also with keyboard shortcut), it can totally replace other PDF editors, for my purpose at least.
  • I want this function too. Adding plaintext annotations on the PDF page is a basic function of many PDF readers.
  • Text annotations are planned.
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