Thumbnails layout for Zotero?

I'm new to Zotero. I just switched from Papers 2.8.3 which I had been using for the last 9 years because I liked the visual browsing — the standard layout was made up of thumbnails from the “covers” of all the references (as if they were songs). In Zotero the standard layout is made up of lines of text listing the references. Is there any possibility of achieving a thumbnail-view layout of the PDFs of the references in Zotero?
  • This is something I would also like to see. Although most of my library consists of journal articles with no distinctive covers, visually recognizable thumbnails would make things faster.
  • +1 for this. This is perhaps the only thing I would put on my wish list for the roadmap of Zotero. Oh, and an integrated ePub reader and annotation tool like the awesome PDF-reader we now have! But I'll keep loving this software with or without!
  • Have you tried the Zotero PDF Preview plugin?
    It works nicely for me to preview the items.
  • Oh wow, I didn't know about that one! Thanks for the tip, looks like something I will enjoy!
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