How to delete multiple PDF attachments in Web Library

I turned off file sync to free up my Zotero Storage. Now I want to delete all the PDF attachments in my Web Library. Is there a more efficient way to do this without opening each cite entry and deleting the attachment?
  • If you delete the attachments in the web library that will delete them locally. Is that what you actually want?
  • @adamsmith I'd like to delete them from the Web Library while retaining local copies. Is that possible?

  • Why exactly do you want to do this? You can use purge storage, which you can find clicking on the upgrade storage button above, but it's useful only for a fairly limited number of situations. Most of the time, disabling file sync is all you need
  • I would like to free up my Zotero cloud storage space. I've turned off file sync for future files and I'd now like to remove files already in the cloud, while also keeping those files on my local storage.
  • Right, but why do you want to free this up? Files are the only thing that takes up space, so if you've turned off syncing it doesn't really matter?
  • I see. That makes sense, thank you!
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