Importing RIS format from EBSCO

I have been trying to import references from EBSCO to Zotero in RIS format. However every time I try to import the downloaded file it says the file is not supported and wont let me open/import the file/ references. Your help would be appreciated
  • You're aware that you can import via Save to Zotero icon from EBSCO?
    But obviously RIS should work. Could we get a debug ID from Zotero ( ) for a failed import as well as the first ~30 lines of the RIS file pasted here (you can open that with any text editor).
  • D1450831785 is the debug ID for the failed import. I'm not sure what exactly you mean by the first 30 lines of the RIS file
  • edited January 22, 2023
    (3)(+0003051): File is C:\Users\[…]\Downloads\
    You appear to be trying to import a ZIP file. I'm not sure where you got that from, but if anything you'd have to extract it first to get an actual RIS file.

    It would be good if you could acknowledge what adamsmith said, though — on EBSCO or any other supported site, you should just use the Save to Zotero button to import, unless you're trying to save a large number of items at once.
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