Add "Preprint Link"

When adding a paper from ResearchGate, Zotero adds a "ResearchGate Link".
I would find it very useful if Zotero could do the same when importing a published article from a preprint server such as arXiv, adding a "Preprint Link".

The same "Preprint Link" should also be added when merging a Preprint and a Journal Article, moving the Preprint URL to the "Preprint Link". Zotero should be smart enough to handle properly this merging configuration, instead of stopping with the error: "Merged items must all be of the same item type.".
In the current situation, even if I change the Preprint to a Journal Article and merge, I still need to transfer manually the Preprint URL.
  • Where do you then put the URL?

    But besides that, yes I would love something like that as well, for best of cases even fields where the arXiv ID is stored (in BibLaTeX with would be eprint and eprinttype, I think)
  • The recommended way to add additional URLs to an item beyond the URL in the metadata is as an attachment:
    You can also “Attach Link to URI…” to add a link to a web page (http:// or https://) or to another program on your computer (e.g., OneNote onenote:// or Evernote evernote://).

    I think that the display of attachments in Zotero is not very convenient at the moment, but hopefully that will be improved in the future. As Zotero is already adding ResearchGate Links, I guess that it is the best way to deal with Preprint Links for published articles.
    Preprints of a published article could also be added as a Related item, but the Zotero Connector cannot import anymore the metadata of arXiv manuscripts if they are already published. So creating these arXiv items would need to be done manually.
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