Import from Clipboard not working

edited January 13, 2023
The function "Import from Clipboard" stopped working for me. Currently using Zotero 6.0.19.

I used to semi-automatically create items using this function and lines of text created automatically, such as the example below:
@techreport {TBD,  title = {Report number 2PTE3 - 3D transport model under operative regime},  , number = {2PTE3},  institution = {{Research Institute X}},  url = {},  Accessed = {2023-01-13}}

Now, Zotero creates a note instead, with comments such as:
Import errors found:
- line 1, column 127: Expected "%", Optional Horizontal Whitespace, Optional Whitespace, [\r\n], [_:a-zA-Z0-9\-], or [})] but "," found.

Just to be clear, the found error is not always the same.

Has anything been changed in "Import from Clipboard"? How can I remedy that?
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