Ctrl + Shift + A not work on Debian 11.

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Can't use Ctrl + Shift + A with default preferencs setting on Debian 11, but Ctrl + Shift + C works well. Is there a way to repair it?
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    With what Quick Copy format selected?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for this?

    But if Ctrl + Shift + A is bound to something else system-wide, you'd have to change that or set Zotero to use a different key in the Advanced → Shortcuts pane of the preferences.
  • Thanks for you kind reply. I once tried to bind other keys to this, but it still didn't work. Quick Copy format always works well. The Debug ID is: D13999596.
  • You didn't answer my question. What's the selected Quick Copy format?
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    (3)(+0000001): Preloading f895aa0d-f28e-47fe-b247-2ea77c6ed583 for Quick Copy

    (3)(+0000001): Getting contents of /media/[…]/Zotero/Data/translators/Better BibLaTeX.js
    It looks like you have a Better BibTeX format selected, so we can't help with that.
  • Thanks for your kind reply. The new debug ID: D222892284. I chose American Chemical Socitey. No matter what I chose, it was the same.
  • (3)(+0000184): Keyboard shortcut: copySelectedItemCitationsToClipboard

    (3)(+0000099): Copied bibliography to clipboard in 95 ms}
    I'm pretty sure this is just a misunderstanding. The debug output shows it copying citations to the clipboard.

    Note that Better BibLaTeX, in addition to being a third-party format requiring BBT, is also an export format, so trying Ctrl + Shift + A with that doesn't make any sense — there's no such thing as a citation for export formats.

    As for bibliographic styles, with a numeric style like ACS, all you'll get is the number "1" every time. Citation Quick Copy really only makes sense for author-date or note styles where there's actually a useful one-off citation to copy.
  • Yes. You are right. I didn't test it well. Thanks a lot.
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