Zotero Doesn't Auto-Add Tags when Adding Articles by Identifier

I often use the magic wand button to "add item(s) by identifier" and paste in a DOI link. The article and PDF are correctly imported but the item is not automatically tagged according to its keywords. "Automatically tag items" is selected in my preferences. Is this a bug?
  • Not a bug, no -- CrossRef (where most of the DOI metadata comes from) doesn't provide keywords/tags
  • Okay. Thanks. How can I add an article and have it be automatically tagged?
  • Depends on you subject area. Pubmed has the most standardized tags. Beyond that, importing from publisher commonly, but not always, includes tags and it's not always clear which vocabulary those follow
  • Okay. Thanks. I cannot get tags to reliably auto populate even with PDFs from PubMed. Oh well.
  • No, don't import PDFs directly -- that'll in the best case just give you the same DOI-based metadata. You want to import directly from Pubmed either via PMID or via the Save to Zotero icon.
  • Ah, I see now. I had tried the Chrome extension on PMC full-texts but not on PubMed. PMIDs and the Chrome Extension on PubMed both give tags. Thank you!
  • Ah -- we should really get tags for PMC, too, we'll see what we can do about that.
  • That'd be great. Since almost all articles have DOIs attached if there was a way to link DOIs and PMID's tags could be gathered for articles regardless of entry method.
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