Citing Social Media Posts in Chicago Style

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I am citing lots of social media posts from places like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in my work. For the item type, there is no option for "social media" so I usually select "blog" but then Zotero wants to include the word "blog" in the citation. Can anyone recommend the easiest way to cite social media posts since Zotero doesn't seem to have made it an item/category yet? Thanks!
  • you could adapt the citation style if you're otherwise happy.
  • I think webpage might work better given how Chicago wants social media cited
  • @adamsmith Chicago requires citing time for social media posts. Are there plans to add time to CSL? I know I asked this before and you said currently there is no way to cite time, but it seems it should be possible in the future.

    See Chicago Manual of Style 14.209

    The Chicago Manual of Style Online suggests citing a tweet in a footnote as follows, including the author’s real name, date, time, and twitter URL.


    1. Thomas Kaplan, Twitter post, February 2012, 6:01 p.m.,

  • Not any time soon. It's a fairly substantial investment, as it needs to have an entire syntax and data model of its own (obviously drawing on existing standards but still), so best case it would still take a good bit of time.

    Note also that Chicago's instructions in 14.209 say "Time stamps are usually unnecessary but may be included to differentiate a post or comment from others on the same day." and I think cases where the time is really needed (since you have the link & text of the tweet) are going to be exceedingly rare.
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