Adding tags — convenience — add at top of list

Would it be better if new tags could be added at the top, instead of the bottom, of the list?

As things are, after adding 37 tags I get to the bottom of the page: for more I have to scroll up to the 'Add' button each time. If the new tag was added at the top I wouldn't have that problem: also, the drop-down (using which saves a LOT of time) would be visible.

I seem to have a vague memory (most of my memories are vague these days) that it used to operate that way but certainly not for a long time. I have tried to find a macro recorder to do the scrolling/clicking for me but so far without reliable success. That doesn't cure the drop-down problem, anyway. I'm sure many users would blanch at the idea of adding over 37 tags per item but hey, that's me.
  • I'm not sure what is your use case of so many manually added tags on one item. If you want to add the same tag(s) to multiple items or add tag(s) automatically, this plugin may be helpful:
  • Thank you! But normally the items come in separately and I need to add the tags that are appropriate.

    The idea of making tagging easier is welcome though. I spend nearly all my time tagging when I could be writing.
  • For my use case, different items share the same tags and thus I could later use tags as filters. In this case, assign shortcuts for tags makes it easier to tag items. The plugin provides up to 18+ shortcuts for different tag groups, which would be enough for most users.

    I’m not sure if this fits your needs. Hopefully it will be helpful.
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