ereader / Zotero workflows: request for suggestions

I've been using Zotfile and Dropbox to push pdfs and epubs onto an old Android tablet which I have been using as an ereader, but I am now considering purchasing a dedicated ereader - either a Kindle, Kobo, or Nook. Are there any suggestions or examples of workflows between ereaders and Zotero?

It seems to have become easier than before to push documents onto a Kindle: see This includes the ability to send via email. Is there a way to automate this so that one can send to one's Kindle library directly from Zotero?
  • I've been using Kindle for years. I would not recommend you read PDFs on Kindle. Even on Kindle Oasis, which has the biggest screen size among all Kindles, it's too small for most papers.
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    I would suggest at least a 10 inch e-reader with pen input. I use boox max (which is a 13 inch ereader), but boox also has 10 inch models. Reading pdfs on anything smaller than 10inch is a pain. If you regularly read double column pdfs it is impossible. They run on android and in my opinion are the best option. They have excellent support for various file formats including pdfs. The pdf viewer works well, and highlighting with a pen is smooth. Then use dropsync and dropbox to sync files between ereader and laptop. Works well.
  • I do the same with boox, zotfile + drive but have to save and upload again etc. and this one uses Android. I am eagerly waiting for the Android app since there is no really hassle free way to use right now.

    I believe you can convert and send those files in epub format using calibre but annotations won't be available, it would be just for reading.
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