Feature request: Preference for "automatically create note from annotations"

Hi all,

here is a feature request, based on the following issues I regularly encounter: I work on a pdf in zotero pdfreader and highlight various bits of text. Then I move to something else. Then I return and close the pdf, and I forget to have my notes turned into annotations. Now I cannot see in zotero whether I have already read and highlighted the pdf.
I could imagine two solutions:
a) zotero somehow indicates with a symbol in the main zotero pane (possinle to toggle as a column, in the same way I can toggle whether an item has notes attached) that a pdf has highlights but that these highlights have not been converted to notes. This would allow me to search for items with pdfs with highlights but no notes.
b) a (hidden) preference that, if toggled, would prompt zotero/zotero pdf reader to automatically convert highlights to a note, whenever a pdf is closed and existing highlights have not been turned into notes.

I hope this makes sense
  • Automatically creating/updating annotation notes when the pdf file "changes" as an option would be great and a big timesaver.

    So +1 :)
  • bumping this again, in the hope to get some attention from devs. Would be helpful to know if this is considered doable and meaningful
  • I am very interested in this. It would be great to have. Specialy with the updating annotaiton notes
  • Yes, please. Thanks for considering this!
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