batch translate tags (zotero-tag?)

I have a group library, whose items are tagged in a different language from my main library. I would like to import the items from the group library to my main library with all tags translated to the language of the main library. But the only way to do this now, as far as I understand is either of these two:
a) use zotero's inbuilt "rename tag" feature. But this would mean to click on every single tag, click rename, and replace old tag name with new translation.
b) use zotero-tag's export and import function. But then again, I would have to write for every single tag a line like : "=,new translated tag,original tag"

both of these are a massive hassle with hundreds of tags.

Does anyone know a way how it would be possible to export all tags, then run all tags through a machine translator like google translate, then hand-correct bad translations, then import all tags so that they get assigned to the correct items?

many thanks
  • I did not receive any suggestions, therefore bumping it. Would be really great to get some help, thanks
  • If you are running this on many tags/multiple times, the best I can think of is to run a JavaScript code in Zotero-Tools-Run JS:
    1. set tags you want to translate;
    2. use the zotero-pdf-translate plugin's API to access Google/DeepL or anything else you would like to translate these tags;
    3. walk the whole collection/library and replace these tags.

    If you prefer Python, you could process the CSV exported using zotero-tag and import them back to Zotero.
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