Citing by critical edition wity APA 7th

I'd like to edit the APA 7th style in order to cite Heidegger's works by the volume of the Gessamtausgabe (complete edition).
For instance, instead of "Heidegger, 1997" I would like to cite as "GA 28, 1997" (it's the established way of citing the volume 28 of the named edition). The volume number is stored as "series number" (I introduced the reference by ISBN number).
I know I can achieve that manually adding a suffix to every citation, but what I look for is a way to have Zotero to do it automatically. But I don't find any explanation about how to edit the style that way.
Any help? I'd be really thankful.
  • And how would you that appear in the bibliography? I'm guessing this is going to be possible, but not without fairly significant edits to the style.
  • Thank you for your quick reply.
    In the bibliography just the complete edition as such will be included.
    In the meantime I've learned that Zotero does not allow multiple citation styles in the same document. So I guess the only solution will be to introduce this kind of citations manually... while I search for a citation manager that does this kind job, since it's important for me.
    I don't understand why it is not provided with Zotero, since this is the standard way of citing classical works.
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    I guess one question is what the downside is of doing this manually if they're always cited that way, regardless of citation style?

    I don't think there's any way a Zotero-inserted citation would be faster than typing (GA 28, 123) yourself.

    But anyway - while you can't use different citation *styles* in a document, CSL does have a 'classic' item type that's designed for something like this and you can get Zotero to treat items as classic (by specifying Type: classic in Extra). You'd have to adjust the citation style accordingly. What Zotero doesn't do is handle 'many to one' citations: i.e. if you want to be citing from different volumes in the critical edition but only have the critical edition listed once, that might be a bit tricky.
  • CSL does have a 'classic' item type
    That's interesting. How does one get this to work exactly? Does it only work for specific citation styles? Is there anything in the Zotero documentation on it? (»Item types and fields« in the Knowledge Base has nothing, as far as I can see.)
  • Does it only work for specific citation styles?
    It's not currently used explicitly in any citation style (at least of the official ones) as far as I know, but could be used in any citation style new or existing.
    It doesn't work differently from any other item type, so can be used with
    <if type="classic"> anywhere in the CSL
  • That isn’t really APA style to use such an abbreviated citation like that. The more APA-like approach would be to cite it as something (Heidegger 1934/1997) where the first date is the original publication date. The original date can be entered in Extra like:
    Original date: 1934

    The form of abbreviation you describe would need to have the style edited to add formatting for a “classic” item type like adamsmith says. If that’s common in your specific field, that’s the way to go, but note that it’s a major departure from official APA style
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