Zotero OCR: How to know when it's done?

I have Zotero OCR plug-in installed and it seems to work quite well. The one challenge I've encountered is: it's not clear to me how to know when it's *finished* with a PDF…beyond just periodically checking 'top' to see if `tesseract` or `pdftoppm` are still running. Anyone know a better way to determine this?
  • I use this plugin, and as I understand it there is no GUI, so no built-in way to track its progress. My workaround is to deselect "Save the intermediate PNGs as well in the folder" in the plugin options. What then happens is that in the folder holding the PDF, you can see the OCR plugin adding png files for each page of the PDF and then deleting them all once it has finished. At which point you know that the job is complete. I don't know if that counts as "better" than checking 'top', but it works for me.
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