Column for "PDF has annotations"?

edited May 28, 2022
Yeah, now that I think about it (after the fact) I could have just tagged the items with annotations. But I didn't. So, now I have a bunch of pdfs with annotations that I'd like to go back to but I'm not sure which ones they are.

Is there already a way to see what items have annotations (like with notes)?

Could there be? Or do I just need to remember to tag them?

  • Came to the forums for first time to find an answer to this question!! me too me too. I want to filter my lists to show me all papers that have annotations. Or even all papers that have Notes, since I usually extract my annotations right away.
  • @lilsuz, to see which items have notes, go to

    The third paragraph:
    By default, Zotero will show columns for the Title, Creators, and Attachments properties in the center pane. You can change which properties are shown by right-clicking on the column headers. Checking field names in the drop-down menu adds them to the items list, and unchecking removes them.
    Notes is listed there.
  • I am looking for this too. As we can with "Notes" column, I would love it if the "attachment" icon would have an indicator for "been annotated."

    I have not always made a note from annotations and I have not tagged any that I have annotated in a dump area with 185 papers. Yikes.

    I need help in many ways with my process and this would be a little step in the right direction!
  • I have found some help with this by selecting all in the folder and right-click> Create note from annotations.

    The note has title and the annotations below. Better than opening each one for sure.
  • A "PDF has annotations" column would be very helpful for me as well.

    Using the existing "Notes" column is not useful in my case, even if I were to Select All > Create Note from Annotations. This is because many of my PDFs already have a Note (and a number 1 in the Notes column) that appears to be an automatically generated table of contents. This Note is created before the PDF has been annotated.
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