Adding PDFs to your library Discussion

Hi Zotero users,

I would like to know your experiences with adding PDFs to your Zotero library. What is your workflow?
I tried two ways:
a) I used Zotero Connector to save the PDF with the metadata. However, the imported journal article's PDF is an open access version and not the publisher version.
b) I downloaded the publisher version of the journal article and dragged it in to Zotero. It created a new item with the PDF attached. The metadata seems fine.

Share your experiences.
  • c) Create the item using the Zotero connector, replace the submitted version with the published version (Add Attachment), delete the submitted version
  • @vduzivatel: What URL are you saving from, though? If you have access to the publisher version, you should be able to save from the publisher page and Zotero should automatically download the publisher version as long as it's a supported site.
  • I was saving from but my issues is fixed now. I think I was not logged in properly via my institition credential so I did not have acces to the publisher PDF, so Zotero downloaded the Open Acces version. Now when I logged properly, it downloaded the publisher version. Thank you.
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