Revert "Download files at sync time" to "as needed" : How to remove all locally stored files?

I recently had to set "Download files at sync time" since I had to do some offline work.

Now I would like to revert the setting, to "Download as needed". So I would like to remove all my local downloaded attachments, and then just have Zotero download the ones I need when I try to open an item.

How can I do this gracefully, without triggering sync errors, etc. ?
  • You want to do this not in Zotero but in your file system (i.e. Mac Finder, Windows Explorer, etc.):
    Search for PDFs in the zotero/storage folder and then delete all PDFs. If you also have snapshots synced, do the same for .HTML files. You *don't* want to delete all contents of the storage folder, though, since it also, e.g., contains the full-text search index files you'll almost certainly want to keep.
  • Ok, thanks.
  • (An upcoming version of Zotero will also offer the ability to have Zotero automatically purge files after a certain number of days to save local disk space, after verifying that they've been successfully uploaded.)
  • That will be nice. Thanks!
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