Deleted items keep reappearing in my library

Hi - I'm having an issue where I delete items from my library but they reappear seconds later. Maybe a syncing issue? Any ideas?
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    Is this in the Zotero desktop app? What do you mean by "delete items from my library"? Do you mean that you're moving them to the trash, and they reappear in My Library?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for this happening?
  • ah my bad it was items in the trash showing up in searches...! (new to zotero!)
  • What do you mean by that? Items in the trash shouldn't show up in searches. Could you explain exactly what you're searching for and what you're seeing?
  • I actually have the same problem. Here is the debug id: D1395461543
  • Which same problem though? Items in the trash showing up in searches or something else?
  • Item deleted appears after a while in the library again
  • Still not clear what you mean by that. You'll need to say more, and explain exactly what the Debug ID is meant to show, with specific examples.
  • The output is also mostly just BBT output. Please disable all third-party plugins before providing a Debug ID that shows what you're trying to demonstrate.
  • I did a new one with all add-ons disabled. The id is: D484538480
    What I do is:
    1. Delete an entry
    2. Go to another collection and then back to the library again
    3. The entry is back again

    The pdf that was attached is gone after the first time, so it doesn't have anything attached to it any more. It has four coloured tags (if that makes any difference)
  • Are you actually deleting an entry -- as in, moving it to the trash -- or are you removing it from a collection? The latter would not remove it from "My Library" (or any other collection it's in), so what you're seeing would be expected (except for the PDF part)
  • I am moving it to the trash from the library
  • I can reproduce this. It looks like a recent regression where the parent item for a PDF that has at least one annotation will continue showing up even after moved to the trash. We'll fix — thanks for reporting this.
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    This should now be fixed in the latest Zotero beta, and the fix will be included in 6.0.19.
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