[Feature Request] "go back"

edited May 27, 2022
I welcome a menu item (preferably in the toolbar) that allows me to go one (or more) step(s) back in My Library to the previously visited item where I had been before I stepped to the current item.
  • Very often I come from an item in My Library only to edit one item in a different subcollection, then I want to continue with the previous subcollection in My Library. A "go back" button would take the pain of localizing again the previous item (my zotero.sqlite counts 760 MB, my storage covers 690,000 files or 111 GB).
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    This has been requested quite often lately. Either as a 'history' or 'recent' option that shows you a list of where you've been and allows you to jump back to anywhere in that history; or just a keyboard shortcut (or toolbar button) to traverse your recent navigation history. There was an add-on for the keyboard shortcut written by @jdfinch , but it has not been updated for Zotero v6 so will not run currently. It worked quite well under v5.
  • I heartily second this suggestion. A back button similar to the one in the finder window of the Mac OSX would be excellent, especially in cases where you accidentally click on a folder or file that you didn't mean to!!! I look forward to this!!
  • This would also be very helpful for me, and probably for all of us with larger libraries. Today I added a cross-reference to a note and clicked on it; suddenly I’m in My Library instead of the small subsubsubcollection I had just been working in. Sure, it’s only a few seconds to navigate back down the list and re-open the superordinate collection and scroll down again so that I can then re-open the collection where I was, but it feels laborious and annoying when, if it had been a webpage or a folder in the finder, it would have been one mouse click.
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    "...laborious and annoying..."
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