How to extract annotations along with the table of contents?

Currently, we can extract the annotations and the table of contents separately from pdf. Is it possible to extract them simultaneously so that we get 'one' note created that would extracted notes placed under their respective topic in the hierarchy of the table of contents.
  • Note that ToC (bookmark) extraction is a ZotFile feature, not a Zotero feature.

    We could consider supporting combined ToC + annotation extraction in Zotero's new PDF reader, though. We don't currently support ToC extraction at all, though we display the ToC in a pane in the left sidebar.

    I'm actually curious what people have used ZotFile's ToC extraction for in the past. If people used it as the basis for an outline that they then filled out with notes, I think this would make a lot of sense as an option. But, obviously, if it was just to have access to the ToC within Zotero, that's now available in the integrated PDF reader itself.
  • Hi,
    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I have been using extracted ToC to fill my notes under the headlines, and it has been really useful for organization of notes in Zotero.

    As many a times it's a manual task of copy pasting the lines from the pdf under these headlines. So if your new tool can actually put the annotated text from the pdf under their respective headlines, it would be highly beneficial to the zotero user community.
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    Hi! With the new PDF reader function i've been using zotero's notes more regularly and I'm looking for the same feature as the user excited. I imagine it shouldn't be too difficult to create a note that merges the ToC and the Annotations in a note where every annotation is under the appropiate heading of the ToC. It would look like a mind map of the highlighted sections of the book.
    For others in need I'm currently using Logseq to copy and paste the extracted notes onto the ToC because I can easily extract both notes and have them side to side.
  • @dstillman Hi, do we have any solution now? It really really make sense.
  • +1. This feature would make my workflow much easier.
  • Yeah, this feature would eliminate the need for highlighting headers or writing a script to process the outline grabbed by some other solution (e.g. processing a note created by ZotFile).
  • Agree +1 for this feature
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    I'm missing the TOC extraction feature in Z7. It was great for getting a bit more granular look at the contents of a book at a glance, just by seeing the section heading titles.

    At the moment I'm trying to track down the reference for a chapter I remember reading a few weeks ago, it was a single chapter in a monograph. I have a vague recollection of the section title, but its useless for me to run an advanced search for the phrase within the full attachment contents of My Library because the words are so commonplace. I wish I had the TOC as an extracted note so that I could confine my search to just that field. Or even just displaying the TOC as one of the sections on the right sidebar (alongside Tags, Abstract, Related, etc.) would be a step in the right direction.
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